Our Why

Hey! I’m Leslie - the mommy in this family and founder of Haven Farm. I have a core belief that everything our body needs can be found in the earth. I believe that discovering nature draws us closer to God, and helps us tune in to who we are deep inside. I have a dream that we are building together of creating space for people to connect with plants and nature, to unlock their own passions and discover their own dreams.

We’re just beginning this journey, and there’s so much more to come. We’re grateful that you have found us, and we pray that at Haven, YOU may be found too.

Why We Started With Hemp

CBD became a part of my life a few years ago when I was really struggling with anxiety. I was working through a difficult season of life and got pretty overwhelmed. My anxiety became harder and harder to stay on top of and one of my doctors wanted me to go on meds. I desperately wanted a natural solution and reached out to another favorite homeopathic doctor of mine and he recommended I try CBD before going on medication. 

I couldn’t believe what happened!!! In only four days I began to feel like a new person. My racing thoughts slowed and my ability to cope with triggers shifted dramatically. I was so impacted and grateful that I wanted to learn more. 

Our family had just purchased some land and my oldest son had been showing interest in growing and farming. We looked into growing hemp and decided to take the plunge! Since then, we have learned SO much about this amazing plant. Growing up in the Bible Belt I really only understood Cannabis as Marijuana- and that had always had a negative association in my mind. But once I discovered the POWER of this plant and all of the amazing healing properties it contained, I fell in love. 

I now know people who have been able to heal and treat seizures, dementia, depression, and even come off of addictive pain killers and other drugs. And ... I believe in this plant. 

We know that every person is different, and we are not here to make any medical claims. We are simply offering you a chance to experience this beautiful gift, wrapped up in a plant, grown with love, from our family to yours. Every batch is made by hand, infused with prayer and intention.  And we trust that your body will receive exactly what it needs. So... take a deep breath, and enjoy the wellness that nature has to offer.